Discover the beauty of Lombok, an unique island.

In this small island you can see the lush tropical flora and high mountains on the north, marvellous white send beaches and turquoise water of the ocean on the south-west, south and south-east. If you are seeking fun and recreation on the beach only or an active filled holiday with snorkelling, diving, surfing or climbing to the mountains Lombok is the place to be.

 We organize the transport by fast boat from Amed to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, Lombok – harbour Bangsal. This trip takes 1 hour only.


Tour around the North of Lombok – 1 day

Start from Bangsal, and then go to Senaru to see the waterfalls and traditional Sasak village.  See the beautiful flora and fauna plus the many beautiful sites around the North of Lombok. (The journey to the waterfalls takes around 4 hours)

Car with driver (guide) 90 EUR ( 1.400.000 Rp)

Tour of Central Lombok – 1 Day

Start from Bangsal or Mataram and go to Pusuk Pas next to Narmada Park to witness the history of The Kingdom of Lombok.   After we will go to Central Lombok to see the handicrafts and woven sarongs made in the traditional Sasak village.

Car with driver (guide) 80 EUR (1.200.000 Rp)

Climb Rinjani Mountain 1: SENARU CRATER RIM PROGRAM

(2 days /1 night)
1 PERSON PAX 140 EUR (2.100.000 Rp)

DAY 1: At 7:00 am, we leave Rinjani Trek Centre and start our 5 hour climb through the tropical rainforest.  We reach base camp for lunch and at 3pm, we continue our trip to the Rim for the night camp where we will enjoy the spectacular view and beautiful sunset. At the camp we will also enjoy the crater with Segara Anak Lake and the new volcanic cone. Dinner will be served here at 7:00 pm

DAY 2: Wake up early to enjoy the morning view and sunrise – At 7:00 am we serve breakfast and make the 4-5 hours return trip to Senaru.

Price includes; guide, porter, food & drink, Equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking gear), entrance fee and transport return.


(3 days / 2 nights)
1 PERSON PAX 180 EUR (2.700.000 Rp)

DAY 1: At 7.00 am, we leave Rinjani Trek Centre and hike through the tropical rain forest where we will see many interesting flora and fauna. We reach the crater Rim in the late afternoon where we will enjoy dinner at sunset. From here you will be able to look into the crater and see Segara Anak lake as well as have a preview of the next day’s journey.

DAY 2: At 8.00 am, we leave the Rim and make the 2 hour journey down to Segara Anak Lake. Here we kick back and relax and enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake or soak in the natural volcanic hot spring. At 3:00 pm, we make the 2.5 hour return trip back up to the crater rim where we will spend the night, have dinner and enjoy the sunset again.

DAY 3: From the lake, we make the 4-5 hour return trip down to Senaru.

Price includes: guide, porter, food and drink, equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking gear), entrance fee and transport return.

Climb to Rinjani Mountain3:LAKE & RINJANI SUMMIT PROGRAM

(3 days /2 nights) 1 PERSON PAX 210 EUR (3.200.000 Rp)

DAY 1: At 7.00 am, we leave Rinjani Trek Centre to begin our climb. Traveling through local farmers fields and tropical rain forest. The cool morning hours we arrive at base camp III for lunch around 12 pm. Observe Rinjani’s infamous wild monkeys as your eat you meal, but be sure to guard your food from these mischievous primates!
Afterward we continue on up to the crater rim for the first night to camp. Here we will enjoy our dinner as we watch the majestic sunset.

DAY 2: If you wish you can get up early to watch the sunrise. After having breakfast and enjoying the lake view from the rim, we then make the 2 hour descent into the crater Segara Anak Lake. Once there, we will enjoy a long break by the lakeside and have lunch here.   You can take a cool dip in the lake, relax in the natural volcanic hot spring, explore the area, or just take a nap. At 2:30 pm, we continue our trip to the Sembalun crater rim for dinner and the second night of camping. Be sure to get to bed early here because we get up early the next day to catch the sunrise from the summit!

DAY 3: At 3:00 am, in the early morning we start the 3 hour climb to the summit of Mt. Rinjani to catch the sunrise at 3726 meters. After taking in the view from the top of Rinjani, we return to Sembalun Rim camp for late breakfast. At 10:00 am we descend down to the village of Sembalun, a journey of about 4-5 hours.  Transport will be waiting for you there to take you to Senaru.

Price includes:  guide, porters, food and drink, equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking gear) entrance fee and return transport.

 We also organize transport or tours under your wish and requirement.