We ensure accommodation of any style according to your preference and budget from traditional bamboo bungalows to luxury villas in tropical gardens. Tell your idea and we will find the best solution for you.

Price of accommodation runs from 150 000 Rp ( cca 300,- Kč, $15, 12 EUR)  for 1 day and night for 1 bungalow and 2 people and it depends naturally on the place, quality and facilities of the utilities. Price of meal in a restaurant is from 40 000 Rp (cca 80,- Kč, $3, 4 EUR) Price of beverages is from 4 000 Rp (cca 8,- Kč, 50 cent EUR) The tourist season in Bali is all the year round! The wet season starts since the second part of January and the beginning of February, in this time raining can be more permanent. The average annual temperature on the coast is 27 degrees Celsius, in the inland around 24 degrees Celsius. The prices of accommodation and air tickets vary during the year. Prices tend to increase significantly in the summer season (July – August) and at Christmas (the second part of December/ beginning of January). In this case we advise you to purchase your air tickets early. It is better to exchange your currency to Indonesian Rupia after you arrive in Indonesia as you will get a better exchange rate.