FREEDIVING CRUISE – Gilis – Komodo – Sulawesi – Wakatobi – The Moluccas – Raja Ampat (INDONESIA)

On a single breath …

Get in touch with your long forgotten aquatic nature! Freediving is the art of diving on a single breath, which combines yoga and specific breathing exercises. Freediving is a sport that combines physical activities with a journey deep into you: your mind, body and environment work together to achieve progress. Explore the magical underwater world in a protected environment. Expand your freediving skills surrounded by a beautiful nature.

We are proud to introduce the first 100% Freedive Liveaboard Boat in Indonesia: Zirbad.

All freediving activities aboard are overseen by a professional Freedive instructor. All the sessions are organised according to the weather conditions, the currents and the tides.

Freediving passengers must be certified AIDA 2*, SSILv1 or equivalent to join the cruise. Please contact us to ensure that you have the right level of certification. If you are not certified at the right level, or wish to join a refresher course, plan to stay three days in Bali before the departure. We’ll be happy to help you organise the right course for you!

  • Freedive Instructors
  • We cooperate closely with two freedive schools: Freedive Flow Bali and Apnea Bali.
  • A courteous and professional crew with an English speaking skipper
  • French and Indonesian cuisine
  • Provided equipment: Mask and snorkel, fins for beginners, weight belts, trygons noseclips
  • Equipment NOT provided: wetsuit, freedive fins
  • Organization of domestic flights and transfers

Capacity: 4 – 6 passengers
Duration: 5 – 12 days

Price per day for 1 person from 170 EUR (Park Entrance fees for 1 person from 35 EUR)