For your stay in Indonesia you will need a visa.

The tourist visa for 30 days you will get free at the airport when you enter Indonesia. You can buy a visa for the next 30 days at the airport, price is $35. This visa must be extended to the emigration office 5 days before the expiration of the first 30 days of your stay.

For longer stay – The tourist visa for 60 days ( it is possible extend for  a further 120 days. It is necessary to arrange these type of longer visas in any Indonesian embassy before you arrive in Indonesia.

Citizen of Czech Republic need a  valid passport with the date of expired minimum 6 months since the date of leaving Indonesia.
For driving cars or motorcycles it is necessary to have International driving licence.

We provide visa extension, business visa, social visa, retired visa, KITAS, KITAP.

We provide legal service and consultation.
(We speak English, French, Czech, Indonesian and Balinese)

For your traveling to Indonesia we recommend to take an insurance for medical attendance and the other events out. We advise you an inoculation for tetanus, hepatitis A, B, meningococ, tuberculosis and diphtheria. For the longer stay in Indonesia the consultation with the doctor is advisable.